All our staff have been working in the industry for many years.  The majority of them own their own boats outside of Akura, When they aren't fishing for work, they are fishing for pleasure


Tina King

Position: Sales and Admin Manager

Bio: Tina started with Akura December 2016, but has been fishing with the crew for approx 8 years. Tina takes all bookings and enquires regarding the business and also looks after all social media and advertising/marketing requirements. Tina meets and greets all of our valued customers and makes sure they are happy. Tina loves being out on the water and meeting new & interesting people.



POSITION: Master Fisherman/Captain

BIO: George has been with the company since the company started and is a local fishing legend with over 25 years’ experience in the game! He is a friendly chap who knows his stuff! George has appeared in several international fishing magazines and holds the Rarotonga record for biggest fish caught on rod and reel. George is also responsible for maintaining the vessels and keeping them in good running order. A great mentor to the crew regarding all aspects of fishing and boating.


Tioni Williams

Position: Skipper

Bio: Tioni is from the northern group of islands within the Cooks and has spent his whole life fishing. He loves to fish and fishes to live! Being on the ocean is like a second home. Tioni is also a talented mechanic. Fishing is his passion – he spends his days off catching fish on his own boat too!


Kieran Thorp

Position: Skipper

Bio: A good kiwi boy, Kieran has been fishing in the waters of Rarotonga for 5 years. He is a mad keen fisherman an even chases the big ones in his spare time. He is a cheeky young fella with a big passion for fishing. Kieran is also a qualified mechanic and a valued member of the Akura family.

Pauro Arnold

Position: Skipper

Bio: 1st Generation hunter of the big blue! Another local boy who has learnt from the best pelagic fisherman in Raro & Tahiti. He has done it all, rod and reel, handling the big boys and harpooning. One of the few bird readers around (the one with wings). Cool cat and happiest at sea.


Cameron Thorp

Position: Skipper

Bio: Cameron has grown up fishing in Rarotonga since the young age of 12. He has learnt from some of the best local legends as well as our own Captain George. Cam built his own Tahitian style vessel which he takes out fishing every spare chance he gets. This fella can’t get enough!! Cam is our longest standing employee (after Captain George). He is extremely reliable, friendly and knows his stuff! A true water man, he’s at home on the ocean. Fish tremble when they hear his name.

Tuakeu Buckly

Position: Part Time/Casual Skipper/Deckhand

Bio: Buckly a.k.a “Young Buck”, is a 2nd Generation local fisherman and knows the waters of Rarotonga like the back of his hand. Masterclass fisherman and Mahi Mahi harpoonist. Buck is a man of his own mind and is also a master of removing dull moments! He will do whatever it takes to get the fish in the boat!